Does Reading Stephen King Give You Nightmares?

I love reading. So much so that I read a number of different genres. My favorites tend to be mystery, true crime, science fiction/fantasy and romance. One of my favorite authors is definitely Stephen King. The King is a master story teller and he publishes page turner after page turner. Unfortunately, some of his books have given me nightmares. The one that comes to mind is Doctor Sleep. I have nightmares for weeks after reading Doctor Sleep. So, I was wondering, do you find that you have nightmares after reading Stephen King right before you go to bed?

I am currently reading Bag of Bones, which is really good, and I have yet to have nightmares. That said, I have yet to get to some of the scariest parts of this book. I have read the part where the protagonist is having nightmares about his wife that past away.

One strategy I used in the past is to read something else other than Stephen King right before bed. You may need to have two different books you are reading if you hope to do this. It definitely helped as I stopped having nightmares because the last thing on my mind was not the horror story that was written by Stephen King.

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