Cupcake Decorating For Kids At Home

With kids spending more time at home, it can be hard to keep them occupied. It is essential to make sure your kids stay busy. While browsing social media the past few days I stumbled across a great activity to keep the kids entertained. Many cupcake bakeries are developing kits that allow people to decorate their own cupcakes right at home. These kits provide you with everything you need to create your own delicious cupcakes in your own kitchen.

I ordered a themed cupcake kit a few weeks ago so my kids would have a little surprise for the weekend. Here is my cupcake decorating kit experience.

Where to Get a Cupcake Decorating Kit

The first place I saw a cupcake kit was on Instagram. There was a local bakery advertising cute themed cupcake decorating kits. They had a variety of different themes available. I did some research and it looks like there are local bakeries all over the country that are doing the same thing or something very similar. Even some of the large cupcake franchises like Smallcakes have created a similar product.

How Did The Kit Get Delivered?

I was curious how the kit would be delivered. The bakery I ordered the kit from mentioned that they delivered locally. This was something I wanted to be sure of because I did not want to be out and about if I did not absolutely need to. I’m not sure if other bakeries are offering delivery, this is something you should check on before you place your order.

The owner of the bakery we ordered from hand delivered the kit which was all boxed up in a cute package that was quite aesthetically satisfying.

How Did The Cupcake Kit Work?

The cupcake kit was actually really easy, fun, and delicious! Like I mentioned above, the kit was enclosed in a fun little box. The best part of the cupcake kit is that you don’t even have to bake the cupcakes. Most of the cupcake kits come with a box of pre baked cupcakes. All you have to do is open them up and add frosting and other themed decorations. My son loves cookies so we went with the cookie monster themed kit. This kit included a variety of cookie flavored icings and toppings that actually tasted fresh and delicious.

Was it All Worth It?

All in all our first cupcake decorating kit experience was a good one. We found that the process of actually getting our hands on the kit was easy and convenient. Once we got the kit, the activity was entertaining for the kids as well as myself. I couldn’t help but scarf down a few of the cupcakes myself. If you are thinking about ordering a cupcake kit for you and your kids, I highly recommend it. Please comment below if you would like to share any experiences you have had with a cupcake kit in the past or if you have any specific questions about our experience!

The great news is that the cupcake kit offers healthy options including vegan and gluten free. If you are looking to improve your overall health but still want to consume cupcakes, we can help. We can’t promise we will keep you safe from the dentist or orthodontist but we can give you some healthy options.

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