Hardwood Flooring with Little Black Dots

Ok guys and gals. This has been driving me crazy for the last six months. I have a “type” of hardwood flooring in my living room and kitchen and I have noticed there are little black spots that show up on the cracks of the boards. It is not like the boards are coming apart, it just seems like a type of bacteria or goo is building up. My assumption is it is because there is water in those areas, but I am not certain.

I am debating calling my local hardwood flooring store┬áto see if this is something I should be overly concerned with. There are times it looks as if the black dots are multiplying. Are they growing off each other? It wouldn’t bother me so much but I am definitely one of those obsessive compulsive types that has to have everything in the perfect place or cleaned in just the right way.

If anyone knows why there are these little black dots showing up on my hardwood flooring in my living room and kitchen, please let me know. I will sleep much easier at night. I don’t feel as if it has anything to do with bugs or pests but I honestly don’t have the answer. There have been times when I have seen those little white bugs on my hardwood floors, but they can’t have anything to do with the black dots, right?

A funny story. My cat loves to chase roaches and other bugs. Now that we have hardwood floors, he slides all over the place trying to catch any of the bugs that get in here. There have been a few roaches but they do not last very long when he is around. He is the best pest control service I could ever ask for and comes at a very low cost. Just food and kitty litter.

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