Contacting a Pest Control Company Over Christmas

Over the Christmas holiday I am having some issues with roaches and termites. I know it has nothing to do with my live Christmas tree but it is worrying me. I also know that contacting many companies this time of year is not the polite thing to do. I did some research on an Apex pest control company and found a few options. I am a little bit scared to actually call because I feel bad about them coming out and looking at my issue the week of Christmas.

So, does anyone know if there is a proper way to get service companies such as a pest control company to address your concerns over a holiday break? Most of my friends and family members will not be working next week so will companies like Clegg’s have their workers out and about? If you are aware of the etiquette when it comes to this type of service, let me know in the comments below.

For those wondering, the roaches and termites are not in the soil that is holding my Christmas tree. Many of my friends have asked me that and it is not the case. The roaches actually show up mostly in my bedroom which has carpet. There are parts of the carpet that seem uneven as well which makes me wonder if the roaches and termites are under the carpet. The other day I was walking on the carpet and it felt as if something was crunching under my feet. Is this gross or should I feel lucky that they are under the carpet?

Also, my cat seems to love to chase and kill the roaches. Interestingly, he will kill the roaches but not do anything else. It is almost as if he just wants something to play with while I am not at home or doing something else.

Anyway, my rant is over and it is time to go back to reading The Woman in Cabin 10. If you haven’t read it, you should check it out now! It is so very good.

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