You on Netflix

A friend of mine has been talking about You on Netflix for the past week so I decided to do a little bit of research. Instead of jumping in and watching the series on Netflix I decided to listen to the audio book first. I must say, it is fascinating from the aspect of the guy being such a stalker. I know the guy on the Netflix show is supposed to be cute and charming but the guy in the audio book is simply creepy.

There are a number of different scenarios when he is a downright stalker. He watches her have sex with her hookup buddy. He goes to the same therapist she does. Hell, she even kills people for her. While this is entertaining at times, it is definitely over the top.

I did finish the audio book but it is going to have to sink in and I am going to give it a few weeks before I consider watching it on Netflix. I have watched Sex Education and I thought that was really good. I know the John Goodman show comes out later this week and there are a few other shows I need to catch up on.

It is amazing how many amazing shows Netflix has these days. I can remember the days when they only came out with one original series every two or three months. The first series that really caught me was Making a Murderer followed by Bloodline. I binged watched both of those in about a week and I have had Netflix ever since.

I will say that it takes me much more time to watch an entire series now versus when I first got into it. It usually takes me about a week or two now compared to before when I could binge watch an entire series in a weekend or three days.


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