Does Reading Books Really Hurt Your Eyes?

The other day I was out with friends and overheard a blowhard golfer guy talking about the negative effects of reading. He said that reading was the worst possible things for your eyes and your vision. I simply rolled my eyes and moved on and back to the conversation with the girls. Then I started to think about it. When I read a lot at night, my eyes definitely get tired and I have to squint to keep reading. This cannot be good right?

One of my friends recently went to her favorite eye doctor in Monroe, Louisiana and found out she need prescription glasses for the first time in her life. She just turned 40 this year. This has me a little bit worried. Is it really possible that reading is bad for you? I know that most people that are avid readers do wear glasses. Maybe there is a correlation.

Sadly, I refuse to do any research online because I simply cannot believe what I read online anymore. Instead, I am going to ask my eye doctor, later in the year, if reading is really bad for your eyes. Even if it is bad for your vision, it is not something I am going to stop doing. It is one of my favorite hobbies and a way in which I can keep my brain active.

In any job that is monotonous, I need to find a way to keep my brain active. If you have read any type of sci fi or fantasy, you know your brain will be very active when reading. I guess I have to make it a point to read much more during the day rather than waiting until I am about to go to bed. So, what do you think? Does reading hurt your eyes and/or vision?

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