Bean and Barrel Governors Club Chapel Hill Reviews

Bean and Barrel is located in Governors Village just outside Governors Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If you are a UNC student that has a car and wants to get away from campus this is a good place to go to study. They have great wifi access and there are several leather couches and chairs. It is only 15 minutes from campus and right next to Jordan Lake. Take the trip down early and swing by Jordan Lake to take a few photos.

Here are the directions from the UNC campus. When heading off the UNC campus towards I-40 on Highway 54 you can hang a right on Barbee Chapel Rd just past the Friday Center and UNC tennis complex. It is the red light with the random gas station on the right. You will pass Alta Springs, some other apartment complexes and retirement communities on Barbee Chapel Rd. About three miles after the turn you will hang a right on Farrington Mill Rd. Taking Farrington Mill for several miles until you see Whippoorwill Lane, make a right. Once on Whippoorwill for a quarter of a mile you can hang a left on Governors Drive. You will notice retail stores and restaurants on your right and left. On your left you will see Food Lion, Papa John’s and Subway. Bean and Barrel is in this shopping center.

The Atmosphere

The majority of this review is going to focus on the atmosphere. I do not go to the Bean and Barrel to eat that often so I cannot make an honest assessment of the food. I have eaten at this location a few times but it is usually just a snack or an appetizer. I am also not the best food connoisseur so hopefully those of you that read this have a food review that you can leave in the comments.

The atmosphere is quite unique to the triangle area. Having lived in Chapel Hill for multiple years I am used to seeing undergrads and graduate students at most of the coffee shops and sandwich shops that offer wifi. The crowd at the Bean and Barrel is much more eclectic. Customers range in age from young children to senior citizens. Note that there are several retirement communities in and around the Governors Club.

Something else quite unique about the Bean and Barrel Governors Club Chapel Hill location is the fact that there is a bar with alcohol. I have never been to Bean and Barrel after 8:00 pm so I have no idea what the night scene is like but I cannot imagine it is anything comparable to the other bars in Chapel Hill. From what I gather, the Bean and Barrel is much more of a place to go and relax. There are beer specials every day of the week including two dollar Tuesday, wine Wednesday and three dollar Thursday. In fact, here are the specials from June 2014:

Bean Specials

  • $5 appetizers Monday through Friday 4-6 pm
  • Margarita Monday – $5 margs and $2.50 Mexican beers
  • Two Dollar Tuesday – Micro drafts $2 off – Bud Light $2
  • Wine Wednesday – 1/2 off wines by the glass
  • Three Dollar Thursday – All beer bottles $3
  • Fun Friday – $6 bartenders choice cocktail
  • Saturday Night Life – $2 PBR – $6 L.I.T.
  • Sunday Funday – $9 Bud Light pitchers – $4 Bloody Marys – 1/2 off wings All Day – NFL Sunday Ticket

If you are looking to get more information about the menu or future specials here is the contact information:

50100 Governors Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
(919) 967-9990

The Wifi Internet Access

For me, wifi internet access if very important. So much so that there are several places in Chapel Hill I will not go to write content or do work. I am going to create a resource on the best places to go for fast wifi access in Chapel Hill. Bean and Barrel will be on that list. Although I had a little trouble connecting when I first arrived it was smoking fast once connected. Interestingly, there are two different public wifi access opportunities. You might have to switch back and forth between the two to see which one is best.

Every time I have been to Bean and Barrel it is not littered with individuals on their laptops or taking up wifi bandwidth. If you go down to Bean and Barrel during finals or any time to study it may be the case that a large number of people using the Internet will slow it down. That said, you should have nothing to worry about most of the time.

If it is a cool spring or fall day you can also sit outside to access the wifi. I have been to Bean and Barrel during the summer to do content writing but I have not gone when it cools off. As the weather cools down there is a good chance I will make the trip from Chapel Hill to sit outside and get some writing completed.

Should I Go to Bean and Barrel to Read?

If you plan to go to Bean and Barrel to read or study it is important to be aware of the time of day and day of the week. When I have gone to Bean and Barrel in the evening it can be quite loud with many groups of people talking and music playing in the background. There are a few business groups that meet in this location and they can be noisy. This is something to consider if you are a person that needs quiet to study or read. Personally, I can only read if it is completely quiet so this is not a location I am going to bring a book and attempt to read.

As it cools off I may go sit outside to get some reading done but reading inside is not the best decision. There are plenty of other locations close to Chapel Hill that are much more quiet. If you would like to add anything to this review please feel free to comment below. If you want more information about Bean and Barrel the general manager is Laurie Allen. Here phone number is 919-967-9990 and her mobile number is 919-265-4419. You can also email her at