Zoe’s Kitchen Near Biltmore House in Asheville, NC

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Several times a year I drive from Chapel Hill to Topton, North Carolina. Topton is about an hour and a half past Asheville and there are very few healthy eating options once you get past Asheville and definitely once you turn off I-40 and make your way towards Waynesville. If you do not commit to stopping to eat in Asheville you will have limited choices such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Arby’s. When you get to exit 50, which is the Biltmore House exit, you have the chance to eat at a Zoe’s Kitchen.  Here is the physical address:

14 Swannanoa River Road
Asheville NC 28803

Zoe’s Kitchen is a different type of healthy restaurant when compared to most other restaurants in Asheville and western North Carolina. Zoe’s Kitchen offers some great grilled chicken or turkey wraps. They also have very healthy sides that include fresh fruit and roasted vegetables. Each Zoe’s Kitchen has a unique menu depending on the area and the fresh food that is available. Check out the Zoe’s Kitchen website to see what meals are available in your location. If you have eaten at Zoe’s Kitchen in Asheville and would like to write a review feel free to do so in the comments. I would like to get as many reviews as possible to help those who are considering a meal at this location.

Asheville Zoe’s Kitchen Menu

Below you will find the full menu for Zoe’s Kitchen in Asheville, NC:

zoes-kitchen-sides zoes-kitchen-family-meals zoes-kitchen-desserts zoes-kitchen-drinks zoes-kitchen-sides zoes-kitchen-kids-menu zoes-kitchen-meals zoes-kitchen-grilled-chicken zoes-kitchen-pitas zoes-kitchen-salads zoes-kitchen-sandwiches zoes-kitchen-starters

Note that Zoe’s Kitchen is considered Mediterranean  and the Mediterranean diet has become very popular over the last several years. It is definitely a much healthier lifestyle than southern friend chicken and BBQ. You can also substitute most of the items if you don’t want slaw or a specific item.

How to Get to Zoe’s Kitchen from I-40

When taking exit 50 you will head south into Asheville or towards the Biltmore House. You will descend the hill and have the opportunity to go left or right at a fork. Stay to the right. You will notice Hardees and McDonald’s on your left. After going over the Swannanoa River and will see Zoe’s Kitchen on the right beside the FedEx Kinkos. It is right in front of the Wendy’s if you are familiar with this Wendy’s location. You may have to park across the road from Zoe’s Kitchen because it is a uniquely laid out building. It is worth the walk across the road.