Reading The Woman in Cabin 10

For months, The Woman in Cabin 10 has been sitting on my bookshelf. I loved Gone Girl, liked The Girl on the Train and generally entire this type of book. That said, my assumption was the book was about a cabin in the woods and not a cabin on a cruise ship. After reading the first 100 pages, I must say that I am completely enthralled. There are so many storylines that could potentially play out for the main character.

If you like “murder mysteries” with a female as the main character, I think you will really enjoy The Woman in Cabin 10. That said, I still have a long way to go and I may hate it by the end. At this point, it is really, really good.

Have you read The Woman in Cabin 10? What did you think? Does it continue to get better as the book progresses deeper into the story?

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