Hursey’s BBQ Burlington, NC Review

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For my second stop on the NC BBQ Trail I decided to make an afternoon trip to Hursey’s BBQ in Burlington, NC. From Chapel Hill, Hursey’s BBQ is only about 40 minutes away. I needed to make a quick stop at the Nike Factory Store in Mebane so I figured I might as well give Hursey’s a go. I had seen billboards on Interstate 40 for Hursey’s but had never stopped by to taste their BBQ. I was pleasantly surprise. Note there is a Hursey’s location in Graham, NC but this review will be for the Burlington, NC location.

How to Get to Hursey’s BBQ in Burlington, NC

With this location being just a few miles off Interstate 40 and Interstate there are multiple ways to get to the restaurant. The physical address is:

1834 South Church Street
Burlington, NC
(336) 226-1694

You can come in off multiple exits on I40/I85. I will allow you to determine what is the quickest. I came in on exit 143. Coming from Chapel Hill, I made a right and Hursey’s is about two miles down on the right. Google Maps actually suggests you go to the light and do a U-Turn but you can turn left into the first entrance of Hursey’s. While driving from Chapel Hill, Google Maps gave me a few alternatives on exits 145 and 147, but I think exit 143 is the easiest.

The Hursey’s BBQ Pit

Below are the photos of the outside and entrance of Hursey’s BBQ in Burlington, NC:





Notice the size of the BBQ Pit. Upon entering the building you will see the register with the dining area to the right. The pit is to the left of the cash register and restrooms and you really cannot see it from the dining room.

Hursey’s BBQ Menu

Below you will find photos of the menu of Hursey’s BBQ in Burlington, NC. Overall, the prices are very affordable. I got a BBQ sandwich, extra hush puppies replacing the slaw and a dessert of banana pudding and it was less than $15. Not a bad deal if you ask me.





How Good Does Hursey’s BBQ Taste?

Honestly, pretty darn good. Note that Hursey’s BBQ is eastern NC style BBQ so it is more vinegar based unlike Herb’s Pit BBQ in Murphy. If you have eaten at the fast food restaurant Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ this is eastern NC BBQ.

Upon ordering, I was given a BBQ plate with a bun on the side. I got to make my own sandwich which I like. Most of the time, when I order a BBQ sandwich at a restaurant they load the bun down with way too much BBQ and you cannot even pick it up. Allowing me to make my own sandwich made it much easier to eat it, as a sandwich.

The hush puppies were fantastic. They were some of the best hush puppies I have had in the past few years. The sweet tea was also wonderful. The sweet tea was significantly better at Hursey’s than Herb’s Pit BBQ. The banana pudding dessert was also very good. It was chilled just right right. It wasn’t frozen but it wasn’t warm and soggy.

Overall, I would strongly suggest going to Hursey’s if you are in the Triangle area. It is worth the 40 minute drive from Chapel Hill, especially if you are going to go shopping at the Tanger Outlets in Mebane. I would also suggest checking out Fifth Street Books in Mebane, which is not on Fifth Street! It is a bookstore/wholesaler in which every book in the warehouse is $1. It is a great place for those looking to go get a ton of books at a low price.