Chapel Hill East 54 Luxury Apartment Review

Chapel Hill has changed quite a bit in the last decade. If you have not driven down 54 in the last few years you would think it is a completely¬†different town. When exiting off 273A to head to Chapel Hill on 54, towards campus, most will remember a restaurant on the left hand side of the road “in front” of the UNC Finley golf course. Well, that is gone and the whole area is completely different. This area, on the left hand side of 54, is known as East 54 with residences, amenities and shopping and restaurants. The latest addition is the Chapel Hill East 54 luxury apartments which will clearly be seen from 54 by September 2014.

I was shocked to see that the luxury apartments were not finished by the beginning of the school year, August 19th. This tells me that those living in these particular luxury apartments are not traditional college students. They might be graduate or Ph.D students but they are not living in the East 54 apartments while trying to finish up their undergraduate years. I would assume these apartments are going to be well over $1000 or $1100, a month, for a one bedroom with a study or den.

Location of the East 54 Apartments

The East 54 apartments are going to be approximately four miles off exit 273A going towards the UNC campus. They will be between the Friday Center and the 15-501 overpass. As stated earlier, they will basically be right in front of the UNC Finley golf course. In fact, those that are in the top levels of the apartments will likely be able to see the tee box for the 17th hole on the UNC Finley course. Note that these apartments are not the town homes or condos that are above the retail establishments. These are a separate building that is in front of the parking deck right off 54.

There was a Piola Italian Restaurant on the corner but that has closed in the last few months. In the shopping center there are several upscale clothing stores, the Tobacco Road Sports Bar and the Aloft Hotel. If you are driving from I-40 to the UNC Campus you will not miss this new residential area that is on the left hand side of the road. If you search “East 54 Chapel Hill” on Google maps it takes you way too far to the west. This particular apartment complex will be east of the UNC Campus. It will be just down from Meadowmont and just before Glen Lennox on the opposite side of the road.

In the Google Maps image below the apartment buildings will be just to the right of the round about and to the left of the UNC Imaging and Outpatient Center. If you know where the UNC Finley golf course is you will know where these apartments are.


Cost and Reviews of East 54 Apartments

This is where I will count on you. At this point I do not have either. The cost has likely already been determined as residents will be moving in in the next few weeks. I cannot imagine they will complete the entire apartment complex without having, at least, 50% capacity. As far as reviews, please feel free to post your reviews in the comments below. I am certain there will be many people that would love to get an honest review of this type of luxury apartment.

For your own anonymity you can put a random name and email address if you so desire. This is completely understandable as some reviews should remain anonymous. Feel free to be completely honest and let the readers know how you feel about this new living opportunity for students, recent grads, professors, doctors, dentists or lawyers. If you are a professional that is moving to Chapel Hill for the first time I can assure you it is one of the best places to live in the United States. There is always something fun to do and the UNC campus will be less than three miles away.